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Assessment Clinic

Our assessment clinic offers autism assessments and language assessments for school aged children.

Autism assessments

Cara Crage Speech Pathology provides autism assessments for school aged children in conjunction with Dr Tania Bianco (Clinical, Educational and Neuropsychologist). Our multidisciplinary approach combines the knowledge of two assessors from different disciplines to enable a thorough assessment of your child. Our assessments are centrally located in our Subiaco Clinic. Referrals are accepted from your child's GP, psychiatrist, paediatrician, psychologist or school. 

The process

A gold standard approach to autism assessments is followed.

  • Prior to the assessment, pre-assessment questionnaires and checklists will be provided for completion by the child's parents and school. Relevant health and school reports will also be requested. 

  • On the day of the assessment, the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale-2 will be administered with your child as well as informal play based observations. A thorough parent interview will also be conducted.

  • Feedback and a comprehensive written report is provided at the conclusion of the assessment process.

  • If required, a language and / or cognitive assessment may also be conducted. 

Language assessments

Comprehensive language assessments are offered to school aged children who have ongoing challenges with communication, or unexplained challenges with behaviour, academic or social functioning. The assessment will take a detailed look at your child's expressive and receptive language abilities and may also consider their social communication abilities. 

Language assessments are offered as either a speech pathology only assessment or the assessment may form part of a larger multidisciplinary assessment when a more detailed profile of a child has been requested. Parents may self refer for language assessments. Referrals are also accepted from other health professionals wishing to seek an opinion on a child's language functioning as part of a greater multidisciplinary assessment process. 

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